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Skin Tags Removal

Skin tags, also know in medical terms as Acrochordons or Cutaneous Papilloma, or hanging moles are harmless skin growths appearing usually in the adult years of life among many healthy and normal people. In common descriptions, skin tags are flesh-colored projections that appear as small pieces of hanging skin growths. Due to the awkward appearance of the larger growths, skin tag removal is common and although their appearance may vary a little for individual tags, most skin tags are either smooth or just a little wrinkled, or irregular. The color of most skin tags is either the same as that of the body flesh (skin) or a little more brown than the surrounding skin. . Skin tags may appear at any point on the body.

The more common sites for developing these growths include: neck, armpits, upper chest, under the breasts (in women), eyelids and folds of the groins. It is believed that points in the body where skin rubs against skin or against some dressing item (clothes and accessories) are more likely to develop skin tags.

Why remove a skin tag?

Skin tags are a problem for millions of people of both sexes and nearly all age categories. Although skin tags are most often harmless, skin tag removal is sought by most people who get them mainly for cosmetic reasons. Nevertheless, skin tag removal also dispenses any potential risks of annoying symptoms such as pain, irritation and/or infection by disease-causing microbes.

Treatments & Procedures

Following is a brief description of various methods for skin tag removal:


Electrocoagulation, also known as Radio Frequency Diathermy or Short Wave Electrolysis, is a technique used for medical treatment and dehydration treatment.

How does it work for this treatment?

A fine wire probe or other delivery mechanism is used to transmit radio waves to tissues near the probe. Molecules within the tissue are caused to vibrate which lead to a rapid increase of the temperature, causing coagulation of the proteins within the tissue, effectively killing the tissue.


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